According to you what could be done for a better world? 


  1. Hello,
    For me the world could be better if the racism didn't exist, if there wasn't war in many countries and the most important if the presidents did what they said in there election.
    I also think if people could freely express themselves about all of subjects the world could be better than now.

  2. Hello,
    Personally I think that the world's going really bad especially nowadays,but personally I think that the world could be better if we stop doing wars or standing up for anything, we should be thankful of what the world has given to us, I think also that we should be more careful with water and climate change because this could be the cause of a major issue in our world, I think that floods and droughts are part of this "issue" so if we respect all of those significant little things the world could be better again
    Sirina Kazdaghli 2nd3

  3. With some details we can improve the world as we start, we can say that the inequalities are misallocated so to improve the world we must take into account these inequalities and react because many need help! To continue the presence of racism poses A major problem on a daily basis, which can create conflicts, push some presidents to expel people even families from the country and separate people, so we must avoid all kinds of discrimination, we must improve our way of life regarding recycling and Public transport those who pollute the planets.
    Here is these some small detail to take into account.

  4. Hello,

    Then I agree with Ilian, I think that without the racism the world would be better. Change certain political powers which grow to the wars but according to me to change the world is also little gifts of the everyday life which everybody could make such as be more generous between us, help the needy people (to donate to associations), see good sides of things and not the bad, more not judge himself between us.


  5. Hello everybody,
    The world could be better without all wars, without racism, without discrimination... The world could be better if people engaged with one another more often, if more people participated in communities and organizations. And most important if everyone were free to think or speak, if everyone was equal then the world could be better.

  6. hello,

    First we have to repel clouds for to let appear the sun because everybody feels better with the sunshine.
    Avoiding wars, pollution, excessive consumation and take care of environmental is the aim. But all those things will take long time to be applied.
    For the moment everyone should basically take care of their Neighbours and make every little good action we can.

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  8. In my opinion, to make this world, a better world, we should stop hurting people and try to help elderly or help someone who has problems volunteering (I know that we cannot do this all the time because I have a lot of work but it can be sometimes good). I also think that everyone should take time for himself and make awarenesses, in order to make you feel good and not to encroach on other people in everyday life. Finally, I think that it's important to say what we think without getting upset to share his opinions with others (to my mind a relationship is nonexistent without dialogue).