Are you afraid of posting personal information on the net?


  1. Today, the diffusion of personal information on the net is a problem which is becoming increasingly common ! Am I afraid of posting personal information on the net ?

    According to me, post personal information like your adress or your telephone number is dangerous because everybody could see these informations ! Maybe a crazy person could meet you in your house..
    However, I'm not very afraid of posting personal information like my name or some pictures on the net even if I know that some persons could find you just with a name !
    For instance, my parents are very afraid of posting personal information on the net.. They are very concerned and on one hand I agree with them ! Nevertheless if you don't post your name for example, your friends don't find you on social networks !
    To conclude, I'm a bit afraid of posting personal information on the net but we do it anyway without noticing, generally.

  2. "According to him/her/them/ Peter etc. but not to me...posting personal information like your address...information without 's'.... some people can find you only from a name....on the one hand.....your friends won't find you."

  3. Nowadays, news technologies as Internet for example, take part of our lives.
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others are social networks very popular.

    Am I afraid of posting personal information on the net?

    On one hand, the net can be very useful for your own knowledge or for lonely persons. It is an efficient tool in our speed life.
    But on the other hand, there are loads of negative and dangerous points.
    Indeed, we must listen to advice given by our parents : never posting your personal information on the net if you want to avoid troubles.
    As for me, I try to use it very carefully because I know consequences. I'm not really convinced that all these networks are essential. Therefore, young people have to be with a adult to go on the net.

    In conclusion, I'm afraid of it!

    1. "...new technologies, the Internet for example, take part in our lives."
      "...and many others are very popular social networks."
      "...lonely people."
      "...our speedy lives."
      "...I know the consequences."

  4. I am not scared of postingg personal information on the internet . Im not scared because I can just set my accounts to private so only people I know andd want can ssee my stuff. but you also have to be careful because poepl make fake accounts to access information n. everywhere theres going to be internet danger so you can only try and protect yourself so much

  5. While I am not exactly afraid of posting personal information on the net, I try to be careful of what I post online. Nowadays, when we post something online, it's essentially out there forever. Businesses and colleges scan social networking profiles when they are considering people. Additionally, posting personal information online makes this information more available to the wrong kinds of people. I am not exactly afraid, but I try to remain vigilant about what I post and pay attention to my privacy settings.

  6. When I was younger, I was told to not post personal information without my parents approval. Now that I am older, I think it depends on the person if they choose to post or not post personal information. For example, on social media sites you can choose who you want to see your information. The only personal information I put on the internet is my first name and last name but I don't share my address or telephone number.

  7. I am not afraid to post my personal information online because I am cautious of what I share. For example, I don't give out my address or anything specific as to where I am located. I also take precaution in sharing my personal information by using the "private" setting on all my social media apps so that only my friends and only the people that follow me can see my posts.

    1. Hello Alyssa, I'm Laura Aubert your new pen-friend :) thank you for your comment about the subject, it helps us!

  8. Today the personal information on the net can cause some problems.
    Personally I'm not afraid about this because I don't post some informations like my adress , my phone number or my password.It's very important to teach youngers the dangers the may encounter on the net or by the social network , because it can become serious as identity theft or the harassment. So , just one thing , be careful !

  9. Written by Chloe Bari-Levy

    Internet can be very helpful but it can also be dangerous.
    I surf the internet on wednesdays and week ends. The time I spend online depends on my humor, my homework, my family and friends..
    I usually go on certain social networks where I post information about myself or some pictures.
    It's true that it can be dangerous because my information can be taken by people I don't know and that's scary.
    But, I'm not as afraid as some people because I'm very selective on what I post online.
    To conclude, I'm aware that internet can be dangerous but I try to be careful by not posting very private information,

  10. Internet is a part of our life today, am I afraid of posting personal information on the net?

    Internet is almost used around the world today. For instance, Facebook is the first social Network in the world. It now has more than one billion active users. All these users like me post on Facebook informations and pictures about themselves.
    But, these informations can turn against me. For example if I am looking for a work, employers can access to my confidential and personal data. However social networks are both practical and speedy way to be connect with all my friends.

    In conclusion I am a bit scared tu put private and personal informations on the net, so I have to be cautious in regard the use of social network on the net.

    1. The Internet is a big part of our life today. Am I afraid of ...

      The Internet is used almost all around the... Facebook was the first social network... Users like me post information and pictures of themselves.

      ...this information... for a job... can access my... are both a practical... to be connected...

      a bit scared to... on the net. I have to be careful of how I use social networks.

      (fun fact: Facebook was not the first social network. In my day, there was Xanga, and MySpace!)

    2. I know MySpace but what was Xanga ?
      Does it still exist ?

  11. Personally, I am not on any social network anymore. But why?
    I had a bad experience and I am now afraid of posting personal informations about myself.
    As a matter of fact, I was severely harassed during several months.
    Truly, I could not get rid of these violent threats and I didn't have any other choice but closing my account on this social network.
    Since then, I feel relieved.
    This experience taught me a good lesson.
    To conclude, because I am afraid of the consequences of posting personal informations on social networks, I think it will never do it again.

  12. I am always cautious about posting things online. I am afraid of the possibility that a stranger will find it and either spread it to others or use it to harm me or my family. I also never want to post something that I would want to be permanently broadcasted to the world, because anything posted online can never be completely removed. I am also afraid of having any inappropriate things posted online, because my parents, teachers, friends, future bosses, or even college admissions directors could see it. This could ruin my reputation and even my future.

  13. I have some social network but I don't use it at all, not because I am afraid but because finally I'm not really interest of this stuff. Anyway, why I have do be careful on the net?

    First, because when I post something of me, everyone can share it and see it that is too say that your photos and comments are made public. When we are teenagers, we can't measure the risks of the net and sometimes girls and boys post online provocative pictures of themselves. Secondly, personal informations like your adress, your phone number can help malevolent persons to found you.

    Finally if we are wariness we have not to be afraid of posting personal information on the net.

    1. I am on some social networks but I don't use them at all. Not because I am afraid of posting personal informations but because I'm not interested . Anyway, do I have to be careful online?

      Firstly, when we post something online like photos, everyone can share and see it. That is to say that your videos, comments, etc. are made public. As teenagers sometimes we mist judge the risks of the internet. For instance, girls and boys often post provocative picture of temselves online. Secondly, personal information such as your adress or your phone number can help dangerous people to found you.

      How ever, if we are wary, we do not have to be afraid of posting information on the web.
      (Ps: thank you to correcting us, that´s help me a lot to correct myself)

    2. First, when we post...
      ...we misjudge the risks...
      ...post provocative pictures of themselves...
      ...your address... can help dangerous people find you...

  14. No matter how "secure" the website you upload your details to, or to whom you've restricted access; once you've uploaded something to the world wide web, it never goes away. it may be hidden from general viewing ("deleted"), but it is stored some where in the a/the central server. If you notice, when you upload/post something to Facebook- a picture/status, in the URL there is a unique sequence of characters which only that particular post will ever have until the day the internet becomes obsolete.

  15. Today, the social networks on the internet make possible, to share with everyone some part of our everyday lives by posting personal informations, so am I afraid of that ?

    First, the informations you put on networks like facebook or tweeter, if you are not careful, can be seen by everyone, including thieves or other bad people who could use these informations to find you and where you live. Besides, perhaps a future employer would not hire you if he finds some compromising picture of you. Then, even if just your friends can see your picture or your thoughts, on Facebook for instance, these information are given by the firm to google who use them to "focus" commercials on your tates.

    Thats why I am afraid of posting personal informations on internet, because I don't like to be sspied, however I prefer to use social networks just to chat with friends.

  16. Internet and his privacy is subject of many debates, wich informations can you put on the net and where can you put it ?
    I'm not afraid about posting personal informations on the net but it depends of wich kind of infos . Post photos with friends in good conditions or talk about some events of your life wich are not too private is not a problem . However , exhibate his life on the net ( post photos or infos too personal ) can put you in trouble , for exemple , an employer before take on an employee , look on the net to see more informations about him and his activities ; if he sees embarassing things about you , you'll not be taken on . That's why you shouldn't put informations , especialy too exhibating photos
    To conclue , post informations on the net is not a problem , but you must sort out wich kind of informations and photos you post .

    1. use information instead of informations
      use which instead of wich
      example instead of exemple

      Hope this helps!

  17. Sometimes, I am afraid to post personal information on the internet. It is scary to think about how anyone in the entire world could get their hands on that information at any time. People on the web could change or take this information at anytime, so I believe that we need to be more cautious of this.

  18. In 2014 is very difficult for young people to live without social network, and we often have to post personal information on this website. Am I afraid to post personal information on the net ?

    I post personal information on the internet but I choose what I want to share. For example I share photos with friends but good photos, not photos which can embarrass, I ponder what I am going to say on the net. I care about this because I want to protect myself and also because it's important for my future, to find an job it's better to show that you are a good person.

    In conclusion, I'm not afraid to post informations on the net but I have to be careful of what I'm posting.

  19. Today, social networks almost replaced the traditional ways to communicate, so am I afraid of posting personal information on the net ?

    First of all, I would say that I almost need social networks, like a lot of teenagers. I got used to go on Facebook or Instagram almost everyday. Besides, it is a good way to communicate and nowadays, people like to "be connected" ! Therefore, I am not really afraid of posting personal information such as my photos, my feelings, my new clothes, and sharing them with my friends,... Nevertheless, one should not forget that my future employers or even bad people could see this. What I mean is that, I share personal information but not too much, I always think about the consequences.

    In short, I am not afraid of posting personal information, but I am not going to tell all my life and show it to everyone : only my friends can see my profile.

  20. By the way, thank you to the Americans for posting corrections and comments !!

  21. Yes I AM. In recent years incidents of cyber-crimes and cyber-terrorism have increased exponentially. There is a lot of identity theft, spams, spoofing and phishing. Cyber-stalking is also a major issue. There are a lot of computer users who are anything but ethical and moral, and if such were to gain access to one's personal data/information the results would be tragic. So please people be care of the level and types of information you share on the internet. One Love!!!

  22. It all depends on what you put on the internet. Things like your address, phone number, social security etc. should not be on the web because it is a safety hazard for people to find information about you.

  23. I'm not afraid of posting personal informations on Internet and I will explain why :
    On Internet, I'm very careful : 
    - I don't share accept all the friends request in the social networks
    - I don't give my name or phone number to everybody 
    - My photos can only been seen by my friends 
    That's why I'm not afraid of posting my informations on Internet.

    1. I understand the precautions you have taken, however, your phone number and your photos are still stored on the server, which means that someone who works in these social networking sites can easily retrieve and do whatever they wish with your personal info even though you have place restrictions on them. Hackers also pose a threat. Hackers are very intelligent, and with the many apps now linked to these social sites, hackers may now access these servers via these links; without any authorization and usually without anyone noticing.

    2. Hi Powell.A

      Maybe I misspoke but my phone number and my personal infos are not on Facebook or any social networks. Is only my photos but I don't post embarrassing pictures or photos that can carry me prejudice or affect !
      And for Hackers, you're right ! They are very equipped ! But nowadays everyone can hack an social network's account ! That's scared me a lot !

  24. I'm not afraid, but I am cautious, these technological breakthroughs these days, have given hackers a whole new playing field to work with. We have seen how many people's reputation have been sullied because of content they've posted on the net. So word to the wise; keep the personal stuff to yourself, no need to post it on the web..... just my thoughts

  25. I'm registred in almost every social networks, so am i afraid of posting personal informations?

    Since I am on social networks I had post a lot of photos and personal informations. So now I'm a bit afraid of what I've already posted and I have taken some precautions : I don't post my phone number in any website, I don't post updates about what I am going to do every day etc...
    Because I think that it's very dangerous and I hope that when I will get a job my employer won't see any personal photos on some website. I'm going to be more careful of what i post on Internet.

  26. Now a days we can't avoid using the internet. It's very useful in the daily life but all that glitters is not gold

    Internet helps us to get information about anything we wants, keep in touch with people we know and meet different people from all over the world. But it has its negative side as well, when we meet friends our personal information must be posted on the internet. But strangers may also have access to our personal information .
    For example some people are supposed to be on their sick leaves but they went on holiday instead , they posted their holiday pictures on the Face Book and it was seeing by their employers and they were fired after the holiday.

    We must be aware with the use of internet make sure we sent our personal information to the right person and in the right time .

  27. Internet is now part of the life of a lot of people so you can't avoid posting sometimes personal information moreover with the social network like Facebook or Twitter
    So Am I afraid of posting personal information on the net ?

    I often use internet and post personal information like photo on social network or others web sites but for now I didn't have any problem with that so I can't say I am afraid.
    The main problem of the postings is that everybody can see these. It can be your boss if you are an employee or a someone with bad intention and sometimes trouble happen but it is rare.

    In conclusion I am not really afraid of posting personal information but I an a bit preoccupied by that.

  28. A few years ago before I was computer literate and even before I became aware of cymber crimes, identity theft, and blackmail I would have posted my personal information online, but today I would not even chance it. As a matter of fact am still afraid to do online banking. It is not that I am paranoid but the reality exists that ones it is technology everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

    Consider what took place at Staples recently with all of those shoppers. I say this to say, all of us should take caution when we share personal information online because they are some sick persons out there who has nothing to do but to harm others. So I am appealing to those who love to put everything on facebook. Where they live, telephone number, wherr they are going, wearing etc. to stop because you just made your a GPS for someone.

  29. Today, social networks are an important part of teenager's life. They spend a long time on their computer. So, am I afraid of posting personal information on the net ?

    First of all, social networks are both good and bad. The good part is that you can meet friends, show photos, share informations, chat. You can also play games.
    However, there is no respect of private life. If you're looking for a job, your future employer will look informations about you, he could see disctreditable photos or comments. There's also security problems : many teenagers had been victims of harassment these years.

    In conclusion, I'm not afraid of posting personal informations on the net because I'm not on social networks except this one !