Invitation to the theatre

Write an email in English to a friend inviting them to see The Tempest by Shakespeare.


The rider

Julien was riding across the countryside when he had to stop because of a punctured tyre. It was getting dark and he was pushing his bike when...
Use your imagination to continue the story in 100 words.


Winter Sports

You want to convince a friend to go with you to the mountains to do winter sports (example skiing, snowboarding, going for hikes with snowshoes etc.) with an email.



Whether in series, films  or books the notion of travelling through time or back in time has often been used.
Imagine you have the opportunity to  travel into a time machine knowing there's no way back.
Which era would be the perfect one for you? And why?



Happy New Year everyone! Hoping 2018 will be a year you will happily remember years from now...
It is now the time to make new resolutions. Can you write about the ones you have made and that you will try to keep?


Getting ready for Christmas

The day of Christmas Eve is looming. What have you done, or are you doing, to prepare?