Book/Movie impressions

If you have recently read an English book or watched a movie in English, write your impressions.


Writing part 2: Moving to a new flat

You are going to move to a new flat.
Write an email to an English friend of yours. In your email, you should:
-Say where you are moving to,
-Explain why you are moving,
-Invite your friend to visit you.

(Write 35-45 words.)


Reviews needed!

Have you been to theater recently? If so, could you write us a review of the play you saw? Include information on the characters, costumes and story and say whether you would recommend the play to other people.


Describe the activities, not related to school, that you like or dislike doing.



It's our 5th week at the Lycée! What are your impressions as new pupils? Do you miss your former school? And what do you appreciate most at the Lycée?