Have you got the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT? 
You certainly have it if you have  read "A Christmas Carol " by C. Dickens!

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Can you  imagine a  CROSSWORDS or  a QUIZ about the book ?
( solutions will come out for the new year!)
Or  else,  try to solve the ones you didn't do yourself!


Sweden 2015


Sweden 2015




Write about some of the things you have discovered.


Test your knowledge ! Have you read about ENGLAND?

Could you ....

name a  famous writer who was born in Stratford-upon-Avon ?
name two famous sport events in England, say where they take place?
tell us what Mary Quant made famous in the 1960s?

( Pupils from 2de EURO shouldn't be stuck!)


Lectures Seconde (classes secondes normales) rentrée 2015-2016

Ces lectures sont vivement recommandées et seront étudiées avec Mme Mertillo ( anglais) à la rentrée .
Dans l'ordre suivant:
"Love Story" . Auteur Erich Segal ( édition: Oxford bookworms )
"A Christmas Carol" . Auteur Charles Dickens ( édition: Oxford bookworms )
"Tales of Mystery and Imagination". Auteur Edgar Allan Poe ( édition: Oxford bookworms )
Ces ouvrages sont facilement disponibles sur :Amazon.fr

Bonnes lectures à tous!

Mme Mertillo


Books 2015 -2016

Classes 2de Euros
“England” & “The USA” Oxford Bookworms Library
“A Christmas Carol” Charles Dickens édition : Oxford Bookworms
“The Fortunes of John De Courcy” auteur Philippa Boston, édition Didier
“The Sorceress” auteur Philippa Boston, Philipa Boston, édition Didier

1ère L ( les deux classes)

“ The Scarlet letter” Nathaniel Hawthorne, édition : Oxford Bookworms
“Aunt Jen” auteur Paulette RAMSAY, édition : Caribbean Writers Series
“Oliver Twist” auteur Charles Dickens, édition: Wordsworth Classics

1ère LELE
“Far from the Madding Crowd” auteur Thomas Hardy, édition Oxford Bookworms

TL et TS Euros
“The Pelican Brief” auteur John Grisham, édition Arrow

“The Fall of the House of Usher” Large Print, Masterpiece Collection, auteur Edgar
Allan Poe
“Jane Eyre” Charlotte Brontë, Oxford Bookworms
“The Boleyn Inheritance” Philippa Gregory , édition HarperCollins


Are religions sexists ?

"the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man"
Genesis 2:22



Going to Mars

Project Mars One claims to be « the next giant leap for Mankind ».
What do you think about this one-way trip to another planet ? If you could, would you be a part of this journey ?



Which technology you could not live without?