What are you doing these days? I know that a lot of my friends are gone skiing at the mountains, and what about you? Tell us about your holidays.


  1. Hello,
    During my holidays, the first week I went to ski with my father and my brother.
    I was great and I was happy to ski zenith them.
    And during the second week I went to Paris because before to live I left in Paris and I visited my families, I saw my grandparents, I really love them, I saw my cousins and my uncles le and my aunts.
    The friends of my parents who live in Lyon visited us and it was great.
    Ilian Tagredj

  2. hello,

    This year, during winter holidays, I have been skiing in Italy.

    I was with few friends of mine and our parents. we have skied in the Dolomites in a place named Val Gardena.
    We have skied 263 km in the week, we went in a Snowpark, made some border cross. It was very sportly and very fun.
    We were in a great hostel named ALBION.

    It was so fantastic that I asked my father to go there next year.

  3. Hello,
    During my holidays, the first week I stayed in Nice.
    I played so much football with my football club.
    And during the second week I went to Marseille during 2 days and the next days I did my homework.
    Bankolé Abyss

  4. Hello, during these holidays, first week stayed in Nice and hanged out with my friends and did my homeworks and the second I went to a ski station named Vars, with my family, I really enjoyed my holidays with so much fun.

  5. Hello
    A lot of my friend told me that skiing was really nice especially on this period but I've never been there even though I've always wanted to go with my family.To be honest I'm sure I would be horrible at it i can't even hold on rollers.Anyways I wouldn't even have time I have so much work in French and English plus I have a part of my final exam this year so I prefer to focus on work and have fun during summer vacations.

  6. Hello,
    During the holidays, I went to Paris for ten days. I saw my grandparents, my uncle, my cousin and my aunt. While these ten days, I worked, I watched TV, I played video games, I visited museums, I ate in restaurant...
    After that, I come back in Nice and I finished my homework and I saw my friends.

  7. Hello everybody,

    This winter holidays, like each year, I went to Valberg to ski during one week with my parents and my big sister with her children. It was really cool, but I didn't ski that much because I hurt myself when i skied. Nothing that bad but in that moment, it's hurts so bad. But by the way, I liked this holidays.
    The second week, I saw my friends and we ate, talked and laughed a lot. I also went to the dance because I trained for the competition and I did my homework.

  8. hello
    Thiswinterholidays, during it's holidays I rest a lot, and also work, I went out with my friends in town

  9. During my vacation I went to my grandparents's, I went to a trampoline room, I worked all my controls and on top of that of English. I finished my holidays with friends.

  10. Hello ,
    For my holidays, I don't want to go skiing because I live in mountain and I want to see a new country
    Sirina Kazdaghli 2nd3

  11. Hello
    During the last Holiday, I went to Egypt with my mother. I visited the pyramids abd the Cairo museum. I did a quad ride in the desert. I also did a safari, i could see the tomb of Tutankhamun. After returning from Egypt, I left for the week in Milan for see my family.

  12. I also had friends who went skiing in British columbia at whistler, they offered to join them so my mother had sent me to spend a week in Canada with my friends.
    I spent the entire week skiing, spending my nights at Mariott whistler village suites, stayed at the hotel with two of my friends and it was great, I had a great time !