In your opinion what could we do to avoid pollution in the world?


  1. Hello,
    In my opinion,in order to reduce pollution,we have to give preference to public transport because the cars pollute the air everyday more .We have to reduce the CO2 emissions from the factories. We have to reduce the flights because the planes reject toxic gazes... We need to re-think all this System to make it sustainable
    Sirina Kazdaghli 2nd3

  2. Hello,

    In my opinion, to avoid the pollution in the world people should avoid using cars and taking the public transportation, saving the electricity, less consuming of water, sorting out Waste (a lot trash cans in two entrances are put in our disposal)


  3. Hello,
    To reduce pollution in the world we should take more public transport and use more renewable energies. But also pay more attention to our water and electricity consommation every day.

  4. hello,
    there is so many things to do to reduce pollution because it is linked to our consommation and our way of producing.
    We must take public transport more than individual car, use less electricity and water. Select eco-responsible products.
    The industries are too polluting. It must change it way of producing using less petrole, plastic,and chemicals.

  5. To begin the planet is more and more polluted to the son of the years because of the human behavior exmples by throwing waste in the streets while there are garbage cans, it is necessary to recycle, to change the behavior of the human being, Cars with gasoline for that electric cars were ms at our disposal, as well as public transport pollutes a lot so it is better to use blue bicycles ...

  6. Hello, in my opinion it is the movements of the everyday life that can count against the pollution, if everybody agrees and if it is regulary made, like; recycling waste, switch off the lights when leaving a room, not letting the water run whilst brushing your teeth, etc...

  7. Hello,to my mind we can ride bike or go on foot instead of driving cars, we can also pay more attention to recycling and waste. I think that if everybody make that it can be less pollution.

  8. Hi everyone!
    In my opinion, pollution is an important problem in this world especially in the cities where she's very present! She generate negative consequences on the environment (for fauna, flora and humans.)
    I think, to reduce pollution, we must change out bad habits:
    First of all, during short distances we should avoid taking the car, instead we can to walk. Moreover, we could use more bikes, electric cars or tramways but also carpooling.
    Finally, we must recycle our wastes, every day.