Your school has enough money to purchase either some more computers for students or more books for the school library.... What would be your choice and why?


  1. La bibliothèque à ma université et très inadéquate. Les ordinateurs ne sont pas assez pour les étudiants. Alors, le besoin d'ordinateurs est plus grand que le besoin de livres.

  2. the answer is easy and simple... go with the computer mainly because it will surely grab the interest of a child more than any old book...lol

  3. For the debate: if we prefer that our school buys books or computers?

    I think that computers would be better because
    We have one very wide selection of possibility, we can see news in all the world.
    Internet also allows a wide selection of information and it is very useful for presentations.

    I think that my school will need to buy computers , because they allow us to have access to software which is indispensable for :
    mathématematique, phisique-chemistry, or biology .

    Here is my opinion , What are your opinion?

  4. Elise, just a bit of information, the english word for "mathématematique" is "Mathematics". Just thought I'd be helpful.

  5. Hello La Verne,
    I would really like you to help me with my English. What books do you read? My English is quite good because my teacher corrects me. So if you correct me, my teacher will have less work. Do you know where in France you will go for 2 years to teach?

    For the debate :

    If my school had enough money, I would like my school to buy books, because reading is good. Books allow us to dream and to imagine other lives.

  6. I think that it would be necessary what the high school buys both, books and computer. It is not because pupils' minority read book that it is necessary to forget them. Thus would the high school, has to buy books and computer. Like that everything the pupils will be satisfied.

  7. Well that money could be divided to provide books and computers ..but I prefer computers as we are in a technological age which demands the use of computers. There is nothing wrong with books but computers will allow a wider range of tasks to be accomplished and bear in mind that one can utilize ebooks on computers.

  8. I would go with the computers as the internet provides a wide range of information than the books. So students will have a wider scale to choose from.

  9. Why the class to the 2dne12 want to go to London ? :D

  10. Dear Mrs Ricketts,
    We have to tell you how much the class of
    the 2nde 12 want to go to London in April with you.
    It must be very interesant for us, french student, to go in an English country. We will learn better English because in London, nobody speak french, so, we shall be obliged to speak English only. After, the city of London is wonderful and not everybody will have the chance to go there in their life if we don't go this year.
    We can be a class wisering and disciplining. We are the best ! So, choose us !

    Mona, Anais, Richard, Camille.

  11. I think that is great idea because to learn english, the best means is to go to english-speaking country and going to London will be very avantageouse.

    Maxime Buzzo

  12. I think that would be brilliant of going has Londre

  13. Yes please choose us !
    This trip to London will be a very good experience for us.

  14. This trip should not be a reward but rather to allow the pupils to become aware of the importance of English and of their difficulties to communicate to lack vocabulary and typical expressions.
    And finaly this trip in England will be sure very cultural !

  15. Mrs. Ricketts
    With Jade, we have seen (thanks Mona) the mail you sent for the trip to London. I think it's very nice to find a place for us. If we have the opportunity to go there will be a wonderful experience as we live. I think we all look forward to Monday for this answer!

  16. I don't like read but I like read historic book, book about christmas, or book who deals with a man who is poor, and become rich at the end of the story. For be honest, I have no time to go to the computer or to read a book at the library in school but I prefer that school buy computer because we can search and print something who is about the lesson (pictures) and we can't do that with books.