Discussion - RESPECT

How do you define the word? How important is it to you?


  1. This word " respect " is for me different things:
    -to talk in a good way (for example to teachers)
    -to obey at parents and professors
    -to be correct
    -listening to friends
    -to help friends

    To me it is important because this mades people be enjoyed/happy together.

  2. Hello Laure: Here are ways to express yourself better.
    "In my opinion the word 'respect'has different meanings"
    "To obey parents and teachers"
    "Listen when someone speaks"
    "I think that it is also important because it makes people happy"

  3. Le mot « respect » est très important. Je pense qu'il signifie être arrangement à tout les gens aussi quand ils sont différents.

    PS: Please correct my grammer. I have a feeling it's wrong.

    1. The grammar seems correct but I don't think "être arrangement" does mean anything, sorry.

  4. I think that, the respect is important, because to respect the people who surround us, enables us to live all together.

  5. For me respect is very important because when you respect other people,other people respect you.And respect between child and adults is important for have good relations.

  6. Maybe, the respect it is to be tolerant to the others.
    As a pupil has to respect his teacher, a child his parents etc...
    If we respect ourselves we will live better together.

  7. The respect is more important for me. I think that if you respect people, you will respect yourself.

    La Verne, what do you want to tell by " arrangement "?

  8. La Verne,it's not "je veux dite que..." but it's in french: "je veux dire que c'est..."

  9. "Respect", to me, it means that if you respect others, others will respect you as well but it can also be that you respect someone's will or choice of life. Even sometimes, you have to win that respect, to prove that you're worth it.

  10. The "respect" is a very important thing that don"t forget. The respect have to be reciproque because when you respect other poeple, other poeple respect you so it contribuate to have a good atmosphere in our class or in our life. Respect make us happy and joyful.

  11. "Respect" without "the".... not to forget... reciprocal.... contribute...
    Respect makes....