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Many people think that playing sport is good for your health? Do you agree? Why? Which sport?


  1. I agree ! I think that playing sport is good for health because when we play sport we are not in front of the computer ! Playing sport allows us to spend our energy. All sports are good but I prefer horse riding even if sometimes I fall.

  2. I think sport are to be as an essential part of an indeviduals life.In truth and in fact sports are a good sorce of excersise and help to keep and individual healthy. Sports such as tennis, netball, football and so on are prime examples of such.

  3. I think in fact that sport is very important for health. He can spend our energy and feel better about her body. I play volleyball and tennis occasionally. Sport allows us to lose the pounds that we take the Wednesday noon, eating chips, hamburgers and a soft chocolate with whipped cream and custard with his dad. ;)

  4. To my point of view, sport is a good way to spend energy and tu keep fit. There are many sports so everybody can find something he likes

  5. Physical activity is definitel a great benefit to an individual. It tones the muscles, clears the mind and instills a sense of discipline. Focussing on a particular sport helps to structure physical activity. Especially team sports teach valuable lessons such as team work, endurance and determination. My favourite sport is cricket. Its very nature requires much endurance and discipline as one game can last up to five days. Cricketers therefore have to be fit both physically and mentally. So let's all "get in the game"!

  6. I think playing sports have a very good impact on your phisical health, being that it exercises several aspects of your body. Playing football would be an ideal sport to play because it is actually a mixture of several sports put together.

  7. Yes I do agree that playing sports is good for your health. Some of the reasons playing sports is good for your health are as follows:
    it encourage team spirit, it promote healthy lifestyles and it encourages the development of social skills among individuals. Some of these sports that promotes physical fitness and healthy lifestyles are cricket, football, tennis and netball.

    Your questions was really thought provoking and helped me to relax. Nice Blog

  8. Thanks alot Yvonne and I would like to thank all of you for your participation.

  9. I think that sport is good for health (and extra pounds!).
    Sports activities allow us to know new people.
    Sport is important because it is an important point in our culture (games Olympiques ...)
    Outside of school, I practice jogging and swimming.

  10. Yes i do agree.Playing sports helps you stay in shape, teaches you to organize your time, boats friendships and build relationships with your peers and adults. I think that team sports is best for an individual reason being you get to socialize and build relationships as i said before and it gives one a sense of belonging etc.

  11. i agree because i play basketball and before i started i was a little bit on the larger side but no i am fit and i have no problems. playing sport has a lot of benefits

  12. When you exercise, you're helping to build a strong body that will be able to move around and do all the stuff you need it to do. So yes sports is good for your health. Swimming can help you live a longer, more healthy life, and many doctors consider it one of the safest forms of low-impact exercise.
    Exercise makes your heart happy. Let's keep it that way by playing a sport.

  13. i think sport is super for health because if your are big or too slim sport can help you but sport isn't just for health because sport is for mental,respect and to be good in life.

  14. Yes, it's one of many things to have a good health. Sports are very important in our life because sport "allow to release tension in you" ,evacuate the stress of school, and learn the spirit of competition and respect.

  15. I do agree that playing sport is good for our health, because he's benefical for our bodies and our spirits. First, some people practice the sport for to fight against stress ; others, for to stay healthy because it prevents some diseases.
    Sport is a good way to have the team spirit and to keep a nice size.
    For example, there are the natation,tennis,volleyball, basketball, cricket, and footing which are sports that promotes physical fitness.
    But I think also that some sports are practiced just by the boys like the football in France although the girls can.
    I think that the girls and the boys are the same sports capacity.

    Sonia. C

  16. I agree ! The sport is indispensable for everybody. It's an an opportunity to meet new persons or to find your friends ! Numerous studies show that the sport is very good for your health. There is a lots of sports activities and one of them is made for you !
    Boys and girls, everybody can practice the same sports. Any sport is reserved for the girls or for the boy. In all the sporting events, men and women are equal as in the daily life

  17. I think many sports are good for the health, even if I don't like sport. This is necessary to relax, and to stay thin. But some activities are dangerous, like climbing, and I believe people shouldn't risk to die just because they want "feelings".

    I think every sports can be practisced by everyone. Girls can do boxe (Million Dollar Baby), boys can dance (Billy Elliot). People are free ; even if some sports are "girlier" than other, boys are not forbidden to practisce them ! If you care about what people think about you, of course, you will probably avoid some activities. But it's stupid, and if a girl has fun when she runs behind a ball, she shouldn't deprive herself.

  18. "in our lives"
    "allows you to release tensions"
    "stress that you are under"
    "it is beneficial"
    "practice sports to fight"
    "to remain healthy"
    "the best way to learn"
    "to keep fit"
    "by boys" "girls" sans article
    "no sport is reserved for..."

    "girls and boys have the same capacity"

    "Sports" sans "the" ......."an opportunity to meet people"

    "there are many sports...;" "At every sporting event..... men and women.... girls and boys"
    "good for our health" "to remain slim" "should risk dying"
    "every sport" sans "s" "boxing".... "than others" "practice"

  19. I think the sport is good for the health, it’s very important for everyone to practice sport even if I’m not very good at sports.
    Some people think boys and girls can’t practice the sames sports but I disagree! Boys and girls are equal so they can. All the sports can be interesting for everyone and everyone can like the sport he wants and practice it freely. Of course, boys are often more interested in some sports like football and girls in others. But if a girl wants to practice football she can. Because parity is important.

  20. I agree , to practice sport is very important for the people's health because it's participe to be shaped. But sport is important for live in a community because it learns to practicers a lot of lessons about the life and shows the limits .
    All people , girls and boys, beginners or profesionnels ,can practice all sports and are equal because there are some categories.
    In the sport's world , there isn't some discriminations and judgements . the practicers are in a team or individual , but they are friends despite the competion and the stress .
    I think , there is a sport for each people and his personnality and his capacities : to fight , to swim , to dance , to be with animal (horse ridding) , to play with ball , ect ...
    I practice horse ridding and I often do some competions . For me this sport is a passion and learns to be better . So I want to improve in that .

  21. Yes, the sports it's one of many thing to have a good another school life to feel good.The sport provides a healthy and feel good about yourself. The basket-ball is a vary good sports for all ! For Girls and for mans .

  22. I agree, indeed the sport is excellent for the health, to be good in the head, and for our morale, for our body, for our social activities. Certain sports as the collective sports give us values as the respect, the self-confidence, so to feel good. Sport is for everybody
    I practise rugby since 7 years and i do competions in the country.
    Each training, i try to surpass my self and to be better that i can

  23. Sport is very important to be in good health. Moreover It's a physic and mental development. I always try to surpass myself and do better.
    I think there's no sport for boys and sports for girls. If a girl or a boy enjoy a sport and be good in, there's no reasons to exclud him. I like sport and I can't imagine exclud a girl beacause it's a girl.

  24. yes the sport is very good for health.
    Sport can teach us teamwork. to respect others!
    allows her to go outside. it allows us to remain flexible. and certain sports such as basketball Grow.

  25. "I think that sport" & not "the sport"......"the same (same without "s") sport"..... "for people's health because it helps to keep them fit... to live in a community.... it teaches you to....if you practice...everyone, boys and girls.... in sports there aren't any discrimination..... you can practice either in team or by yourself.......competition..... for each person & not people..... personality..... teaches me to be better" "Many things ..... to do something else outside school..... to feel better...sports help you to be healthy" "physical" "if a boy or girl enjoys.... and is good at it....exclude.... excluding...." it allows you/us to..."

  26. A little sport, not too rigorously executed is beneficial to ones health. Take for example cycling, it improves your cardio-vascular and musculo-skeletal.

  27. Winston Churchill had an interessant opinion about that : when a journalist was questionning him about the reasons of his longevity, he would have answered : "no sport". Funny, heh? Well, later informations showed that he probably said "low sports", reffering to golf, swimming, etc, and that the journalist misunderstood it. But the funny version of the quotation remains famous : ).

  28. Yes I totally agree that sport is good for health for indeed this includes, for example, a better blood flow in the arteries, an increase in strength up to 40%, a speed increase to 20%,
    an increase in basal metabolism, slower resting heart rate; it is energy saving.
    Sport can help us to have more confidence in yourself.
    The sport is indisposable for everybody.

  29. Hello! Yes, me too I agree totally with that the sport keep you in good health, you can judge that just with feeling, when you practise some sport in good condition, you can feel during the sport and after a good sensation, a sensation of wellness.
    I don't want to handle the subject up and down, because I think all people will read this subject know that the sport is very important to keep a good wel.

  30. Yes, the sport is good for the health, he allows to keep a good balance and to burn kilos too.
    Without the sport I think that a lot of people would be obese, already that an important continent are already, especially with the fast food of the kind macdo etc....
    Bankolé Abyss

  31. Hello,
    For me sport is very important for health because thanks to the sport we can lose weight and muscle hiself. Sport provide physical and psychological benefits to people of all ages. People who play sports can expect to be physically challenged by the demands that the sports put on them.
    The best sport are football and jogging.