2017 is just around the corner, have you made any resolutions? Would you like to share them?


  1. Saada Nabiha 2nde1230 December 2016 at 12:58

    Hello,for 2017 I have four resolutions:
    I want be the best at school
    I want be less spender
    I want do more exercises
    And I want eat more healty
    I hope to hold all my resolutions and I wish you a Good Year.
    Nabiha Saada 2nde12

    1. Hello, here are a few suggestions to improve what you've written: "I want to spend less"; "I want to eat more healthy food"; "I hope to keep/ stick to all my resolutions..."

  2. Hi, first, I want to wish at all a Good New Year.
    2016 was a terrible year with attacks of terrorists especially in France, but I don't want to talk about bad things and try to forget.
    We are here to talk about resolution;
    For me resolution are some promess toward your-self and try to hold them.
    I haven't resolutions this year I just wan't to spend a good new year and be happy. 😄
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Hello
    My resolutions for 2017 is:
    Enjoy more holidays
    Sleep more
    And of course work more

  4. Hello
    My resolutions for 2017 is do more sport and work my english.
    And more sleep.
    Ilian tagredj

    1. You need to say "My resolutions for 2017 are to do more sports, to work on my English, and to sleep more."

    2. Hello,
      Thank you for your correction.

  5. Hello
    For 2017 I have three resolutions:
    Invest me more in my work
    Work at my home
    And play lot of football
    Thank you for time and Happy New Years.

    1. You can improve what you've written by saying "Be more invested in my work" (not 'invest me more in...'); "Work at home." (no need to add 'my'); "Play a lot of football."

  6. Hello everybody,
    My resolutions for 2017 are first of all to be nicer with my family and my friends. Then work as much as possible in all subjects to be better. And finally spend good times with my family and my friends.
    Happy new year

  7. Hello,
    First of all I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone. For 2017, I don't have any resolutions because I will not keep my promises so it's better to not make some.

  8. I have a lot of resolution for 2017 some of which are: a lot of traveling, doing all the time of the sport, working well ...
    happy new year and good health 💎

    1. Hello. You need to say "Doing/playing sports all the time" (not 'doing all the time of sport').

  9. Hello everyone, I don't have any resolutions for 2017, but goals : be better in every discipline while appreciate high school, call my grand parents at least twice a month, improve my english level by travelling and (the most important goal) be here for my firends when they need me

  10. For 2017, I decided to take résolutions. I decided to work more to get better results, less to chat in class room, to be wiser, do more sport and stop eating chocolate.

    Mathieu Marlet

  11. for the new year I decided to take three résolutions
    1: Much more work
    2:outgoing with my friends
    3:Have a good grades
    happy new year

    1. Hello. You could improve your points by saying "Do much more work.; "Go out more often with my friends." ('outgoing' doesn't have the same meaning as 'going out'); "Have good grades."

  12. Hello in spite of 2017 passed, I wish all the same to speak to you about my resolutions.
    First of all, more work in class and be attentive because I think when we are attentive in class we made half of the work then less go out with my friends because it prevents me from doing homework during my time(weather) but I shall see them from time to time, then I decided to change place during English to listen to better and progress
    YAICH Sabrina

  13. I would like to share my resolutions which are as follows:
    - Becoming mature
    - Work more
    - Do more sport
    - Discover new people and new universes.

  14. The first days of January are often those of new starts and good resolutions.The first days of January are often those of new starts and good resolutions.But me for this year i have the resolution to work realy harder and I intend to stick to it